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Corona Virus Information

Dear CMR CPR Students:

We at CMR CPR want to let our students know that our commitment to a healthy and safe environment at our places of business are paramount.

All CMR CPR locations are open for business, while following the safety guidelines set forth by the AHA and the CDC.

Face Masks are now OPTIONAL. 

Firm Sick Policy. If you are sick, have come into contact with someone who may be contagious, or need to care for someone who is ill – PLEASE RESCHEDULE. In an effort to not spread ANY illness we are asking for your help in this area. Students who show symptoms of a cold or the flu will not be allowed to attend our classes until they are feeling better. Similarly, our staff are asked to stay home when they are sick or are showing signs of a cold or the flu. We have always adhered to these polices and will be ever more mindful of them at this time. We take great pride in providing the healthiest and most professional services in the industry.
Thank you for understanding...

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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